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Honor. Dedication. Diligence. Innovation. Accountability. They are guiding principles of The Plexus Groupe’s work and the standard for each of our team members.

At Plexus, we go further to make a difference for our clients. We provide diligent stewardship and proactive strategy. We lead, not lag. We are straightforward in our communication and transparent in our approach. And we can’t stand run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter solutions.

Quite simply, we cherish our client relationships. We serve our clients, not the account. We respect all they have built and all they intend to achieve. We put people first, not revenue. By treating our clients as partners and not customers, we provide a level of service that average brokers can’t dream of matching. And together, we share in the rewards in attaining our aligned goals.

Our emphasis on client service begins with enthusiastic, talented, high-achieving associates encouraged to learn, grow and collaborate in a non-bureaucratic work culture. We value our team members, and we invest in them.

In turn, we expect a lot out of our associates. They deliver, as evidenced by our growing client ranks. What’s more, they tend to like it here; for eight years running, Plexus has received “Best Places to Work” recognition from Business Insurance magazine.

Ultimately, we want our employees to put down roots and blossom. This means our institutional knowledge stays where it belongs: in-house.

That means client needs are serviced by a staff that knows the business and can better anticipate risks and solve problems.

This means Plexus asks the right questions and wastes no time crafting the proper solutions.

And that means we can deliver the quality, value and results we promise.

Our reputation depends on that execution.

“Our passion is helping others to succeed,” Plexus founder and CEO Walter R. Fawcett III says.

And as you can see, there is a process behind that passion.



With offices in Chicago, Dallas, and Oklahoma City, Plexus is a premier insurance and risk management company.
We offer our clients innovative insurance strategy and powerful professional resources to protect, preserve, and grow.