Each year, all Plexus associates gather for an annual off-site Team Building Event. For two days, we turn away from our computers and turn our attention toward the shared goals our organization has set for the coming the year. It is a chance for us to strengthen our bonds with our colleagues and to reaffirm our core values.

In many ways, the Plexus Team Building Event is a jumping-off point for the rest of our year. We return to work refreshed and ready to apply everything we have learned.

Team Building is one example of Plexus’s culture of collaboration.

But other examples are evident daily. Spend a little time at any of our four offices, and you will see and hear what we mean. Walk around our offices, and you will see colleagues huddled with one another working on solutions for our clients.

The culture of collaboration shows up in other ways, too. It is the feeling of being comfortable asking your colleague a question — and knowing you will will get a quick and correct answer, without judgment. The only wrong questions at Plexus are the ones that go unasked.

Join Plexus, and it will become clear. Perhaps it will be when a colleague steps up to help you bind a client report, or when you stay a little late to help a team member make one final edit to a key document. Or maybe it will be when you notice a colleague quietly picking up a stray gum wrapper or wiping up a few stray drops of coffee on the counter in our kitchen.

At Plexus, we work together — and we look out for each other.



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