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The Plexus Groupe's Vice President, Client Executive, and in-house personal lines expert David Miller, was cited this week in an article published in Consumer Reports. The article is about rental car insurance and Miller's insight explains how some rental car companies aggressively upsell what may be unnecessary additional coverage. To...

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Drunk driving is down by 65 percent since 1982, but deaths and injuries caused by distracted driving – like texting while driving – are on the rise.

People are busier than ever, juggling home and work lives, managing kids' schedules and rushing from one thing to the next. It is no...

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We enjoy reading about insurance. Here are seven insurance stories we're sharing, bookmarking, and highlighting as the work week rolls on:
Insurance Stories
→ The Economist takes a look at how insurance is working to tailor policies for the freelance workforce.

→ Fixing something and need insurance fast? One agency is offering on-demand coverage.

→ Why...

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Double-checking your homeowners insurance probably isn’t on many spring to-do lists.

But it should be.

That’s the advice from David Miller, Vice President and risk management expert at Plexus Private Client Solutions, a suburban Chicagoland personal insurance agency protecting the life’s work of successful families and individuals with tailored home, auto, and...

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At Plexus, we enjoy reading about insurance. Here are a half-dozen insurance stories we are sharing, bookmarking, and highlighting as the work week rolls on:
Insurance Stories
-- A major carmarker will begin a program allowing owners to rent their cars out when they are not using them, a la Airbnb and homes.


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By David Miller, Vice President
Plexus Private Client Solutions 

Home insurance is essential, but only having the right home insurance offers true piece of mind.

What's more, there is nothing worse than being surprised by an expense not covered by your insurance.

With these points in mind, here are eight things to consider as...

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We lead our latest personal insurance news roundup with a look at a phone feature aimed to reduce distracted driving. Now there is some technology we can all get behind.

For more information on The Plexus Groupe's home and auto coverage solutions,  contact us at 847-307-6100 or via the Web.
Getting to...

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At The Plexus Groupe, we enjoy reading about insurance stories. Here are five industry-related stories we're bookmarking, sharing, and thumbing through as the work week rolls on:
Insurance Stories
→ Here's a closer look at the kinds of insurance that major motion pictures might utilize.

→ Will Maryland require individuals to have health insurance?

→ Auto...

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