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15 Emerging Risks Worth Watching -- That Aren't Cyber
Insurance experts have identified the most important emerging risk for the property and casualty insurance industry as cyber in one form or another.

But what about other emerging risks? They identified 15 risk trends. They are:

Directors and Officers Privacy - Many companies are...

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Ensure pool safety before diving in headfirst.

Whether you own a pool or get invited to a friend’s pool, ensure pool safety by having a plan to prevent injuries, adequate insurance coverage and a regular maintenance schedule.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an average of 356 drowning deaths...

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Cyber attacks threaten the financial stability of a company.

The steep, monetary burden of a cyber attack isn't exclusively tied to damaged digital assets, lost records, and the price of investigating and reporting a breach. Damage to an organization’s physical assets can be just as harmful.

The physical damage of a cyber...

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We enjoy reading about insurance. Here are seven insurance stories we're sharing, bookmarking, and highlighting as the work week rolls on:
Insurance Stories
→ The Economist takes a look at how insurance is working to tailor policies for the freelance workforce.

→ Fixing something and need insurance fast? One agency is offering on-demand coverage.

→ Why...

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Double-checking your homeowners insurance probably isn’t on many spring to-do lists.

But it should be.

That’s the advice from David Miller, Vice President and risk management expert at Plexus Private Client Solutions, a suburban Chicagoland personal insurance agency protecting the life’s work of successful families and individuals with tailored home, auto, and...

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Directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance is an insurance coverage sought by public, private and non-profit organizations to help protect their executives from costly legal actions. Over the years, insurance companies have refined their underwriting practices for D&O insurance to reward organizations that implement proactive risk management measures.

While organizations across...

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In our latest roundup of personal insurance news, notes, and tips, we begin with a reminder that seeing someone's proof of insurance is one thing -- but hearing an agent verify that coverage is believing.
Hiring contractors? Verify their insurance with an agent, then trust.
Spring is ideal for home improvements, some of...

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The Plexus Groupe (Plexus), a national insurance brokerage and risk management consultancy with an international network, has hired sales executive Wes Hornsby as a Vice President of Business Development. Hornsby will work out of Plexus's Dallas, Texas office.
Wes Hornsby
Hornsby brings more than 20 years of sales leadership, business operations experience,...

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