After identifying potential liabilities, we will explore cost-effective insurance or risk transfer options. In the M&A world, each transaction is unique, and the treatment of known and unknown liabilities may ultimately determine the level of economic success for both parties to the transaction. Identifying risk and removing it from the transaction via a third party is the primary value The Plexus Groupe brings to the table for our private equity and venture capital client base.

Dedicated Due Diligence

While The Plexus Groupe is one of many subject matter experts included on the deal team, the risk identification and transfer role we provide is extraordinarily important. Due diligence, by definition, requires time, expertise, and persistence. Streamlined, canned, or subject to a boilerplate review due diligence will not work. We will immerse ourselves in the target’s operations, contracts, historical insurance programs (past and current), and claim history.

Examples of transaction speed bumps we address include the following:

Commercial Insurance and Risk Management

  • Identify and evaluate insurance liabilities and associated collateral requirements
  • Evaluate risk transfer and retention cost, both current and post-closing
  • Advise of the insurance implications in the purchase / sale agreement
  • Review insurer company solvency, both current and historical
  • Develop solutions for latent and future environmental liabilities
  • Evaluate the effect of carving out past liabilities
  • Restructuring historical programs
  • Review current and future insurance program compliance with debt security requirements

Group Insurance Benefits

  • Identify and quantify benefit claim liabilities
  • Provide cash expense forecasts for financial modeling
  • Negotiate asset transfer of retirement plan liabilities
  • Advise of the insurance implications in the purchase / sale agreement
  • Design and implement efficient employee benefits programs
  • Provide ongoing communications to support human resources staff and employees on the management philosophy and program utilization



With offices in Chicago, Dallas, and Oklahoma City, Plexus is a premier insurance and risk management company.
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