Providing solutions to your daily struggles

At Plexus, we’re here to be your partner in innovative, customized employee benefits solutions. Our differentiated expertise and advanced resources go a long way. 

We provide more value by supporting you with everyday struggles, including benefits administration and ACA filings. We’re agnostic and work with several common industry systems, can help with data migration, integration and more. At Plexus, we offer an easy-to-use portal for benefits information and back office administration. Plus, we offer full-service assistance with ACA filings—we’ll help you gather data, enter it in and ensure everything is completed correctly.

Take us for a test drive with our unique transformer process

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We go beyond insurance

We don’t just provide insurance—we provide useful, innovative solutions to help you succeed.


Combat harassment in the workplace

Our WorkShield solution is a workplace harassment solution for Employee Benefits clients. Its ERISA-qualified Employer Harassment Prevention Plan (EHP Plan) works for everyone and can be purchased or added at any time.

According to the EEOC, 75% of workplace harassment incidents go unreported. WorkShield seeks to change this. It is an independent platform for employees to address (and employers to prevent) harassment issues in the workplace. As a third-party platform, it provides a safe and secure medium for reporting and tracking of workplace harassment incidents, allowing employees to feel confident that they will not be retaliated against for reporting incidents. WorkShield is HIPAA-secured, and even allows anonymous reporting.


Get assistance with everyday struggles

When it comes to benefits administration, we’re brand-agnostic and work with many common industry systems. We can provide benefits administration consulting to assist with data migration, integration and more.

Unlike the bigger national networks, we offer full-service assistance with ACA filings. Not only will we help with gathering and entering data, but we’ll help ensure everything is completed correctly. If clients have received letters from the IRS notifying them of huge fines, we can even help correct the mistakes and avoid penalties.

We are headquartered in Deer Park, Illinois, with additional offices in:



Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City



Our progressive and innovative solutions are available to clients in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Plus, the Plexus Global Network makes it possible to operate in 130 countries worldwide.