You name it, our experts have been asked it. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions — and our answers: 

1) Why should I choose The Plexus Groupe for my insurance needs?

The short answer is that we are the best in the business.

The long answer is that we provide diligent stewardship and flawless execution in every aspect of your insurance needs.

Take for instance, a CEO of a large corporation. We would insure that company’s property, directors and officers, provide health insurance in a comprehensive employee benefit package, design a 401(k) retirement plan, walk through any merger and acquisition deal that comes up and even provide personal lines insurance for the CEO’s family, homes, cars and toys.

We do everything and we do it right. And we never stop until the deal is done and clients are happy.

Every time.

- Mitchell C. Andrews, Partner

2) What states are you licensed in to write insurance?

We are licensed in all 50 states. In addition, we have a global partnership that enables us to provide property and casualty insurance coverage in most countries.

- Todd Neaves, Vice President, Business Development


3) What insurance carriers do you represent for commercial property and casualty lines of coverage? 

We represent all national carriers along with a few regional carriers.

- Laura Flynn, Vice President, Business Development


4) I procure benefits through The Plexus Groupe, but have a different broker for property and casualty – does The Plexus Groupe provide property and casualty insurance? 

Absolutely. We have a team of risk management experts and all of our specialities can be found here.

- Bill Lacey, Partner

5) Does The Plexus Groupe provide 401(k) and pension advisory services? 

Yes! Plexus Financial Services, LLC is a subsidiary of The Plexus Groupe and as a fiduciary, designs retirement solutions that last a lifetime.

- Allison Winge, Executive Vice President, Plexus Financial Services, LLC


6) Can The Plexus Groupe arrange coverage for personal insurance?

Yes, The Plexus Groupe’s Private Client Solutions protects the life’s work of successful individuals and their families.

- Mike Mann, Executive Vice President, Property and Casualty


7) What industries does The Plexus Groupe practice in? 

With over 100 employees having a wide-range of experience and backgrounds, The Plexus Groupe provides commercial risk management solutions to all industries – Technology, Manufacturing, Power Generation, Restaurant and Hospitality, Real Estate, Social Services, etc.

- Raniel Iniguez, Vice President of Business Development


8) Why are you insuring my home for $1.2 million when I can only sell it for $900K?

The amount of dwelling coverage provided by your home insurance policy is an estimate of your home’s replacement cost – the sum total of the materials and labor it would take to rebuild your home. Your home’s market value incorporates these “hard” costs as well, but that’s where the similarity ends. Market value also represents local supply and demand, “curb appeal," the quality of local schools, proximity to shopping, availability of public transportation, etc. 

To illustrate, suppose there are two identically built homes that are 10 miles apart. Home #1 is in an economically depressed community, situated next to a busy highway. Home #2 is in a community with better schools and lower crime, and is situated next to a forest preserve. The cost to rebuild each home should be nearly identical, but the market values will be very different.

- David Miller, Vice President, Private Client Solutions

9) Can I protect my company without buying Cyber Insurance?

There are many ways to mitigate cyber exposure risk, including employee education regarding opening suspicious emails, encrypted emails, scheduled password changes, firewalls, data handling and bring your own device (BYOD) policies. However, many notable companies like Home Depot, Facebook, Target, Equifax, and UPS have all had cyber attacks that resulted in billions of records being exposed. All of these companies had sophisticated ways to mitigate their risk. Smaller companies are soft targets for hackers and programs like CryptoLocker that will erase your data unless you pay in untraceable bitcoin to the hacker. Cyber Liability insurance policies cover associated costs of an attack, including bitcoin payments, loss of income, recovery of data, notification costs, litigation and fines. Cyber liability policies insulate many other lines of coverage and fill a large gap in the typical commercial policy package. The real question here, is "Why wouldn't you buy Cyber Liability Insurance?"

- Matthew Wilkens, Business Development Manager