The Plexus Groupe Celebrates EOY Midwest Finalists

The Plexus Groupe’s Matt Wilkens addresses the EOY Midwest Finalists.

The Plexus Groupe’s Matt Wilkens addresses the EOY Midwest Finalists.

Executives of The Plexus Groupe celebrated the Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists for the Midwest Division Monday during a reception for the program. This is the 10th year that The Plexus Groupe has been a Platinum Sponsor of the event that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and bringing big ideas to life.

The Midwest Entrepreneur of the Year Winner will be named June 12 at the awards gala in downtown Chicago.

Matt Wilkens, Business Development Manager, spoke at the reception about the The Plexus Groupe and its commitment to honoring successful business leaders who are transforming industries and carving a new path to create a better world.

Wilkens said he was inspired by being among the great business minds in the room and related their efforts to learning how to ride a bike.

“You keep pedaling to push forward,” he said. “That is exactly what they did to achieve success and make it into this elite group of the best business leaders in the area.”

Also in attendance included The Plexus Groupe Founder, President and CEO Walter R. Fawcett; Executive Vice President of Plexus Financial Services, LLC Allison Winge; Executive Vice President Mike Mann; Producing Partner Mitchell Andrews; Producing Partner Mark Matuscak; and Vice President, Business Development Raniel Iniguez.