The pivotal role an insurance broker plays in claims advocacy

An insurance broker should serve a vital purpose in the claims advocacy process. When a claim arises, a policyholder needs someone who can help ensure the policy is being followed. The insurance broker should act as a protector of the policyholder — and an expert on the policy itself. It’s the essence of claims advocacy.

Sometimes, claims issues can be small and resolved quickly. But it’s the issues that are complex and need further research where the insurance broker can shine in the claims advocacy process.

A good broker should be considered an asset by all parties – another set of skilled eyes and ears to ensure that policyholders are treated fairly, that claims are paid when they should be. It’s an important position that helps everyone involved, including insurance carriers, who surely want happy policyholders as clients.

Claims advocacy is important to The Plexus Groupe, which has a senior claims analyst and a senior claims and litigation attorney on staff with nearly 50 years of combined claims analysis experience. Plexus has the industry expertise needed to navigate the claims process for clients, including interpretation of coverage, claims advocacy in cases of coverage denial and discussing complex issues with outside claims counsel and underwriters. Furthermore, our Claims Services Team is dedicated to helping you manage risk before claims ever arise.

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