The time Plexus made the Wrigley Field marquee

Every so often, Plexus marketing communications manager Mike Wilkening, a long-time professional journalist in his second year with the firm, will author a first-person piece on his experience learning the insurance brokerage business. This is the latest installment in the series. On my cubicle wall, above the clutter of an organized-to-me desk, is a picture of the red Wrigley Field marquee. It is the only decorative element on the wall.

I am not a Cubs fan, and World Series or not, I am not making a late leap onto the bandwagon. Many of my colleagues have sported red, white and blue Cubs gear throughout this postseason, but I haven't worn a Cubs shirt since Little League.

So why do I have the Wrigley Field marquee on my wall?

Take a closer look at the picture.

Last year, we decided to put a short message on the Wrigley marquee to celebrate our 25th year in business. Thankfully, the moment was captured via photo at left.

Walk around our offices, and you'll see pictures of the Plexus name on the marquee in other cubicles, and rightfully so. It's a moment in which we should be proud.

I look at this picture at various points of my day. When writer's block strikes, I'll glance at over at the sign. I marvel at the simple beauty of the marquee's design. I think of Plexus, of our client relationships, of the colleagues I've been fortunate to get to know. And I think of this: a quarter-century in business isn't given.

As the Cubs prepare for their first home World Series games in more than 70 years, that picture of the Wrigley Field sign hangs just to my left, just out of arm's reach. If I had a first baseman's mitt, I could touch it.

If we took that marquee picture today, we'd change the number to 26 years. You don't see many celebrations of 26 years in lights. That doesn't mean you shouldn't cherish it all the same. And that's why I have that picture on the wall.