2017 Plexus Oscars Winners Announced

In a recent company-wide event linking the firm's Chicagoland, Dallas and Oklahoma City offices by video-conference, The Plexus Groupe announced its 2017 Oscars™winners. The Plexus Oscars recognize associates for their internal and external work for the firm. Nominations are submitted by associates, with the firm's senior staff serving as the board of selectors. Adding to the Tinseltown-feel to the event, winners receive customized replica statuettes.

The 2017 Plexus Oscars winners are:

→ Best Actress in a Leading Client Executive Role: Sarah Heidenescher.

→ Best Actor in a Supporting Client Manager Role: Scott Vick.

→ Best Actress in a Supporting Client Coordinator Role: Halee Johnson.

→ Best Costume Design (Behind the Scenes): Mike Wilkening.

Our congratulations to the winners and 20 nominees, and our thanks to all who helped make the Friday, February 24 ceremonies so special, including the voters, selectors and production staff. The production staff, comprised of Plexus associates at all four of our offices, worked tirelessly to give the day a big-event feel -- including red carpets at every location.