Business Interruption Insurance

If your business is severely damaged by a natural disaster or a major accident, business interruption insurance could be just what your firm needs to stay afloat. Business interruption insurance replaces the income lost during the service outage, allowing a business to rebuild its operations while taking care of its immediate obligations. In short, it can be a lifeline to a business during its most trying times. However, it’s vital that companies get enough business interruption insurance to meet their immediate needs.

Via Insurance Journal magazine, a 2012 survey by the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters found that 40 percent of asset value declarations were underestimated by about 45 percent. For smaller businesses, such a short fall can be the difference between starting over or abandoning the dream of rebuilding.

Accurately estimating your business income is essential, and consulting with professionals, such as your insurance broker or a certified public account, is advisable, especially for businesses with wide-ranging and/or complex operations. As suggests, a company should conduct stress tests to assess its areas of risk. And these are assessments that should be done routinely so that a complete and accurate risk profile is at hand.

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