Career opportunities at The Plexus Groupe.

Spend some time in the insurance field, and you come to learn it’s a place that you can build a wonderful career. At the most basic level, there is a need for so many kinds of insurance. But what a makes a field a place where careers can flourish? Here’s one element: it helps to be in a field where you can feel you make a difference for someone.

And in insurance, you get that feeling. With the right strategic solutions and a commitment to prudence and advocacy, you can really help a company protect its business. You can call it risk management, but here’s what it’s really about: wrapping a security blanket around something that someone has toiled to build and maintain, maybe even for generations.

Offering defined practice specialties in employee benefits, property and casualty, personal lines insurance, corporate retirement plans, human resources and technology, The Plexus Groupe takes pride in its client service. Protecting our clients is our bottom line. It’s the reason we’ve been around for more than a quarter-century, and it’s a reason client retention is something we hold so near and dear.

We’re also big on employee retention, too. Associates who stay five years are recognized with an annual service award. The same goes for our 10-year associates. The best part about these awards? Our founder and CEO, Walt Fawcett, gives a heartfelt speech about each of the honorees upon recognizing them.

We’re growing at Plexus. We have four offices – two in Chicagoland, one in Dallas, one in Oklahoma City – and more than 100 employees. However, we’re nimble. We lack bureaucracy. Come walk around our offices and you’ll see a lot of open doors. Here is a place where a good idea can get wings pretty quickly.

Looking for a career, not just a job? Want to work for a company named one of the Best Places to Work in Insurance in each of the last seven years? Check out The Plexus Groupe’s list of career opportunities. And for even more information, contact us at 847-307-6100. If you like a good intellectual challenge and burn to help clients thrive, let’s have a conversation.