Cyber insurance: essential, and always in style

Pokémon. Nintendo. Crystal Pepsi. Adidas Stan Smiths. Retro is in.

But one trend that hasn't taken hold, however, is typewriters and letter-writing displacing computers, tablets, smartphones and emails.

The Internet, alas, reigns when it comes to how we communicate -- and, by extension, how we do business.

This isn't breaking news, but it's not changing news, either. And this leaves businesses to both embrace these exciting and potential-laden times -- and to protect against the risks that come from a fast-paced, interconnected world.

Cyber security is, of course, a must.

And cyber insurance can be a strong plank in your cyber defense platform.

Click through for a closer look at Plexus's cyber insurance expertise. The Internet, for all of its charms, brings cyber thieves within a few clicks of our data. Let's talk about what cyber coverage can do for you.

Cyber insurance.

Because you're not reading this on a typewriter.