At Plexus, a week of signs and snapshots

If you happened to walk through the lobby of Plexus headquarters one day earlier this week, you would have seen about 40-50 of our employees milling about, with 10 associates, mostly executives, holding signs like the one you see here. To the uninitiated, it might have looked like some sort of protest, all these people and all those signs.

But it was no protest. Instead, it was a scene for a corporate video project on our culture that we're shooting throughout 2016. The signs were for each of our practices and offices.

Actors, actresses, photographers and videographers we are not, but there we were, giving it the old Plexus try. It sure was something, getting about half of our associates in that lobby, the chatter bouncing off the walls. Every office was represented in the shot -- Chicago, Deer Park, Dallas, Oklahoma City.  Our founder and CEO, Walt Fawcett, was there, as was most of our management and sales teams.

We took plenty of pictures and video. And we're glad we did. We have a feeling these snapshots will be ones we look at time and again, because it's not often you get most of the office in one place, all looking at the camera, ready for their closeups. The whole scene had, we think, a time-capsule feel to it.

The whole week has felt that way, too -- a series of snapshots of where we are and we're headed as a company. It has been a busy few days at Plexus. On Friday, we host our annual Client Appreciation Event at Navy Pier on the Odyssey Chicago -- always a special afternoon.

For this one, we've hired a photographer -- and we're leaving the signs at home.