Ongoing Hurricane Harvey relief efforts: Three ways you can help

As we noted last week, our friends at Houston charity BakerRipley have done vital work in assisting those affected by Hurricane Harvey, including running a major shelter at NRG Center, which is located near the home stadium of the NFL's Houston Texans. While the storm has passed, the need to help many, many people rebuild their lives is ever-pressing.

Ways you can help BakerRipley in their efforts:

Monetary donations. The process of getting those displaced settled into new homes, jobs and lives is ongoing, and BakerRipley is helping to take the lead. To donate, click here.

→ Volunteering this week at Houston's NRG Center as BakerRipley winds down operations. The shelter closes Saturday, September 23, but volunteers are still needed on a 24-7 basis. To sign up for a shift, click here. Shifts are usually five hours.

Donations of time (beyond this week). BakerRipley seeks volunteers all year; to sign up, please visit their website.