Plexus personal insurance news and notes: Off-campus housing? Get renters insurance.

Courtesy of the Plexus Private Client Solutions team, here is a roundup of personal insurance news and tips you can use.

Off-campus housing? Make sure you're covered.

Getting ready to move your daughter or son into off-campus housing, such as an apartment? Don't forget the insurance. Your homeowners policy may not apply to any claims with off-campus rentals, so securing renters insurance is a good idea. For more information, contact Client Executive Deborah Dohn at 847-307-6177 or at You can also contact us via the Web.

Rental car insurance can bring peace of mind

It is a question pondered early in so many vacations: Do I buy rental car insurance or not? While your personal auto insurance might cover you in the event of an accident, a rental policy could be more comprehensive and convenient, depending upon the circumstances. Client Executive David Miller can walk you through the pros and cons; contact him at 847-307-6141 or, or reach out via the Web.

Have a sump pump? Time to secure water backup coverage.

Water damage caused by a failed sump pump is unlikely to be covered under a standard homeowners policy. However, sump pump coverage can be added through a homeowners policy endorsement. Need coverage? Contact Client Coordinator Terri Lyons at 847-307-6129 or You can also contact us here.

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