Plexus personal insurance notes: Insurance for pets? You bet.

In our September personal insurance newsletter, we explore several pet-related topics, including the importance of homeowners insurance when owning a dog, cat, or other animal. Pet insurance growing in popularity

Veterinary bills can escalate in a snap. And people love their pets. Add these elements together, and you have increased demand for pet insurance, which helps cover the cost of routine, emergency, and long-term medical care. A variety of pet coverage plans are available through personal lines insurance carriers. For more information, please contact Private Client Solutions Client Executive Deborah Dohn at 847-307-6177 or

It's a dog-eat-insurance world

Dog bites guest. Guest files insurance claim. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. According to State Farm and the Insurance Information Institute, more than one-third of the insurer's homeowners coverage claims in 2016 stemmed from canine-caused injuries, including bites. The average claim cost per incident was about $32,000.

Have a dog? Your insurer may want to know.

In some cases, owning a dog can affect your homeowners insurance rate. In fact, the breed of your dog could even cause an insurer to decline to provide coverage. Woof, indeed. If the dog ownership question comes up in the insurance process, don't fret, and don't hesitate to ask your agent for guidance. For more on this topic, contact Private Client Solutions Client Executive David Miller at 8470-307-6141 or

Let Plexus lend a hand

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