Plexus Points: Insurance-related stories worth checking out

As the first full work week of October gets into stride, here are a half-dozen insurance related stories worth reading, bookmarking and sharing: -- Earthquake insurance in California might be more affordable than you think.

-- A look at how an investment firm known for its use of data science is getting into the insurance business.

-- Kentucky's state auditor alleges more than $90 million from a state law enforcement fund was spent on matters not related to law enforcement from 1989 to 2012 -- and that a 2010 increase in the state tax on property & casualty policies wouldn't have been necessary with less spending.

-- Aetna will help pay for an Apple Watch for some policy holders.

-- Here's a primer on condominium insurance.

-- Natchez, Mississippi needs to hire more firefighters to keep its fire rating up to help hold insurance rates down.