Plexus Points: Insurance stories we're checking out

At The Plexus Groupe, we're always reading up on the latest industry news. Here are a half-dozen insurance stories we're bookmarking, tracking and sharing as the work week rolls on. — A California firm is said to be readying an insurance product that will promise a payout to policyholders upon an earthquake in their area, damage or no damage to their homes.

— Why driverless cars aren’t quite ready yet to handle all of the driving.

— Will President Donald Trump reduce Congress’s health benefits?

— Kanye West has sued multiple Lloyd’s of London syndicates regarding the matter of who should pay for his cancelled 2016 tour.

— A study reportedly claims that a policyholder’s socioeconomic status could affect their auto insurance rates in Michigan; an industry group representing property and casualty insurers in the state disagrees.

— Illinois Democratic gubernatorial candidates have weighed in with their preferences for revamping health insurance in the state, with two candidates suggesting single-payer as an option.