Reminder: PCORI Fee Due July 31

As a reminder, the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) fee is due July 31, 2017. The fee applies to self-insured and fully insured health plans. As such, this alert serves as a reminder for older plans and may be news for those employers who are new to self-insurance. For most 2017 plans, the PCORI fee is $2.26 per covered life per year and will be indexed yearly to national health expenditures until it ends in 2019.

A result of the Affordable Care Act, the PCORI fee funds research regarding patient-centered outcomes for medical treatment.

For a complete listing of PCORI fees based on plan years, please refer to this IRS table.

For more information regarding PCORI fee compliance, contact a Plexus client service team member in Deer Park, Ill. (847-307-6100), Chicago (312-606-4800), Dallas (972-770-5010) or Oklahoma City (405-840-3033), or reach out via the Web.