Resources for filing flood insurance claims

In the aftermath of Hurricane and Tropical Storm Harvey, affected residents with flood insurance will have to file damage claims. The government-administered  National Flood Insurance Program is behind the majority of U.S. flood policies, which are sold through local insurance agents. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) advises flood policyholders to take the following steps:

⇒ Contact your insurance agent.

⇒ Document evidence of flood damage.

⇒ File a proof of loss affidavit with the insurer within 60 days of the flood.

FEMA offers numerous online resources on the flood insurance claims process, including infographics in more than a dozen languages and an in-depth fact sheet on claims. The Texas Department of Insurance also offers a host of online tools, including information on filing homeowners insurance claims unrelated to flooding. The Louisiana Department of Insurance has similar resources. Finally, and importantly, your insurance agent can help.