When disaster strikes a key supplier, will you have the right coverage?

The property & casualty insurance world is ever-changing, and businesses face a vast array of risks. Here's a look at three risk management topics firms should be pondering as 2018 approaches.

Lessons from a cruel summer

After a turbulent summer, it is a good time to review contingency plans for operations slowed or halted due to a natural disaster. If your major suppliers can't ship needed components due to a catastrophe, a contingent business interruption endorsement to your business property policy could make all the difference. To learn more about ensuring you have the proper coverage and limits in place, contact Property & Casualty Vice President and Client Executive Jesse Altman at 847-307-6100 or jaltman@plexusgroupe.com.

Cyber boom

According to one estimate, the cyber insurance market could grow by 600-800 percent over the next 10 years. That's impressive long-term growth, but when it comes to cyber coverage, being an early adopter is the smart move. With cyberattacks an unceasing risk for businesses, it pays to get covered, especially when cyber insurance protects in so many ways. For more information on Plexus’s cyber risk management capabilities, contact Property & Casualty Vice President and Client Executive Willie Lindsey at wlindsey@plexusgroupe.com or 847-307-6100.

'Nailed' it

Earlier this year near New Orleans, a truck spilled roofing nails on Interstate 10. You can guess what happened next: nails reportedly became embedded in the tires of numerous vehicles, and then, the insurance claims insurance claims were filed. For commercial vehicles, auto liability insurance covers property damage caused by vehicles covered under the policy. For more on commercial auto insurance, including liability limits, contact Property & Casualty Vice President and Client Executive Debbi Incopero at 847-307-6100 or dincopero@plexusgroupe.com.