PFS Practice Leader Allison Winge: Auto-enrollment in retirement plans likely to be "the norm"

What's silent, painless and healthy? The answer: auto-enrollment in an employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as a 401(k).

Most of all, automatic enrollment is simple, as Plexus Financial Services Practice Leader Allison Winge told Leader's Edge magazine for a recent informative, wide-ranging feature on the state of corporate retirement advisory.

"We're seeing a lot more plans adopt that," Winge said. "I think that will continue as probably the norm."

Winge is also a proponent of auto-escalation, where firms automatically increase the retirement plan contribution amount for employees, with PFS suggesting an opening contribution of at least six percent, with one percent annual increases.

"That's really getting people into the plan and really getting their money to work," Winge said. "We're finding that most employees are not opting out."

To check out the entire Leader's Edge story, click here. It's a wonderfully detailed look at how plan advisors, sponsors and participants must manage the challenges of retirement saving. And for more on Plexus Financial Services, visit their website at or by calling 847-307-6222.

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