Automatic enrollment helps employees save, but company contributions are essential

More and more, companies are electing to automatically enroll their employees into 401(k) plans. The advantage to this is obvious: in an era where pensions are few and far between for private-sector employees, it’s on the individual to save. And employer-sponsored 401(k) plans are an ideal way to build a foundation for retirement. Companies who elect to auto-enroll employees into a 401(k) have to give the enrollees the option to decline participation. Plan participants also have the option to change their level of contribution, as the IRS notes. For instance, a participant auto-enrolled in a plan contributing six percent toward a 401(k) might decide to set aside 10 percent per pay period instead.

There is data suggesting auto-enrollment could increase retirement savings across the U.S. working population, with the U.S. Department of Labor stating the non-participant rate in retirement plans could drop from 30 to 15 percent simply by automatically electing workers into the plan.

However, auto-enrollment alone isn’t a cure-all for increasing retirement savings, and making sure employees are setting aside more than just a mere pittance is essential, as points out. In short, auto-enrollment is just one tool in the plan sponsor’s tool box.

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