In their words: Plexus team members describe their workplace culture

Recently, we asked Plexus team members the following question: if someone asked you to quickly describe our workplace culture, what would you say? A few disclaimers before we get into the answers. For starters, our team members weren't required to participate. Furthermore, we gathered the responses via an online survey in which neither names nor email addresses were collected. The idea was to promote quick, candid answers. After all, our Plexus associates are client-focused, and they had plenty of work to do. So we kept it short.

Nevertheless, we wanted to know more on how employees view our workplace culture.

So we asked.

Here's what our Plexus team members told us. Their responses are in quotations and bolded:

“Plexus is a place where teamwork is valued, thinking outside the box is encouraged and employees feel appreciated.”

"Friendly team environment, which functions more like an extended family rather than a faceless corporation."

“We employ folks who like to listen, question, prescribe and implement -- in that order. That's how we define customer service.”

“Exciting and energetic, solution and technology-based. Putting the needs of our clients ahead of the needs of us.”

“Plexus is an independent, privately held (company) with an open, transparent, and collaborative culture. We bring best-in-class resources with a main street approach, embracing our clients at a personal level."

"Service-deep organization (that) values the employees that make this organization what it is."

“Hardworking, collaborative, team approach in which everyone's input is appreciated. Senior management is approachable and just another member of the 'team.' "

“The Plexus family has a true team mentality, with everyone working towards the common good. The office politics are cordial, professional and there is always someone willing to mentor new employees, helping form prosperous careers.”

“The teams collaborate with each other. If you have a question or don't understand a coverage, anyone will stop what they are doing to help and brainstorm.”

“There is a sense that, as employees, they really matter. They aren’t just people filling tasks; but the culture, systems, language, and structure communicate value.”

"Plexus strives to provide its employees with the intellectual support, latest technology, encouragement, education, compensation and safety that demonstrates they care about the welfare of their employees."

"Plexus is an interwoven network of trust."

"Plexus' environment is both admirable and intriguing. "

"Plexus is a friendly and welcoming environment. They truly value their employees."

“We have an org chart like most others, but the difference with ours is that ideas and procedures flow both from the top on down and the bottom on up.”

“How would I describe the culture? Warm. Giving. Fast-paced, but collaborative. It's a place where people don't say, "I don't have time to answer that question." It's a place where people give their all and put their best foot forward.”

"TPG is very employee-centric; they like to reward their associates on a regular basis to show appreciation for hard work as well as to gain a long-term relationship with the associates."

“Working with Plexus is an opportunity to care for our clients and each other in (a) way that leaves a meaningful impression.”

“We're a group of people who are great at what we do and (are) always looking for a good time.”

“Exceptional customer service, fun people to work with.”

“A company filled with professionals working as a true team in a collaborative environment for the common goal."

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