At Plexus, you have the chance to shine

Think of the conversations you had over the holiday weekend. Most probably started with a greeting, a polite "How are you?" The talk then turned to family -- spouse, children, grandma and grandpa. Then, after a couple minutes, someone might have posed the question:

"How's work?" 

How did you answer? And most importantly, how did you feel when you answered?

Did you smile naturally, or did you force it? Did you feel a rush of pride, or did you feel butterflies? Did you speak of your satisfaction with your boss and your colleagues and pride over recent sales wins, or did you offer a quick and measured, "Oh, yeah, it's great," before changing the subject?

If you're a focused, high-achieving, team-orientated professional who burns to feel pride and happiness in your work and workplace, it's time to check out The Plexus Groupe, a nationally known insurance brokerage and risk management consulting firm with offices in Chicagoland, Dallas and Oklahoma City. We're hiring, and we're always looking for good people and top talent.

So what separates Plexus?

For starters, a healthy workplace culture isn't a concept on a dry-erase board for us; it's something we live and cultivate. In each of the last six years, Plexus has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Insurance by Business Insurance magazine. We're a firm committed to working together for our clients -- and committed to working together to make the community around us a better place.

Also, with expertise in employee benefits, property & casualty, human resources, mergers & acquisitions and corporate retirement planning, Plexus can offer a comprehensive, white-glove professional services experience for our clients. Furthermore, our Global Network offers insurance placement services in 130 countries, giving us a worldwide reach.

Finally, we are growing, adding new Chicago (downtown) and Oklahoma City offices and practices. It has been a memorable 2016 to start, and we are excited about what the future holds.

We invite you to check out our career opportunities, and we encourage you to read up on who we are. You can shine at The Plexus Groupe.

The proof will be in your smile.