Plexus Points: Insurance links worth checking out

At Plexus, we enjoy reading about insurance. Here are links to a half-dozen industry-related stories we're reading, sharing and bookmarking: -- Congress is working on several proposals that would bring changes to the National Flood Insurance Program.

-- An insurer reportedly used YouTube to uncover a case of alleged insurance fraud centering on an apparent drag racing accident.

-- The New York Times takes a closer look at pet insurance, which is now offered by about 5,000 companies as a voluntary employee benefit.

--Why libel insurance could come in handy in the event of a social media-related lawsuit.

-- Here's how an insurance policy might have led to a lighter jail term for a New York man who pled guilty to second-degree larceny for stealing from his employer.

-- Finally, here's news of an insurance chatbot using IBM's Watson system.