Plexus Points: Insurance stories we're checking out

We enjoy reading about insurance at The Plexus Groupe. Here are a half-dozen industry-related stories we will be looking over, bookmarking and sharing over the weekend, hopefully by a pool somewhere: ⇔ A U.S. Senator has suggested that health insurers charge some Americans just $1 per day for coverage.

⇔ With the Senate unveiling its version of the American Health Care Act, there is plenty of discussion on possible risks to the individual insurance market if the bill is passed as-is.

⇔ Here's a Harvard Business Review look at the social value the insured and insurers share when it comes to good health.

The Wall Street Journal has one of its famed "A-Hed" feature stories devoted to insurers working to market the insurance field as an enjoyable career. (Side note: we're happy to see this story -- and we completely agree about insurance being a fun, rewarding career path.)

⇔ Is there a relationship between the legalization of marijuana and an increase in the incidence of auto crash claims in three Western states?

⇔ California's Insurance Commissioner has encountered resistance from numerous other states on the subject of requiring insurers to disclose investments in fossil-fuel-related businesses.