At Plexus, a world of opportunity awaits

Football coaches, like economists and stock pickers, are fond of dividing the season into four quarters. Using that logic, we are midway through the fourth quarter of 2016. And before we know it, we will turn the page to 2017. The seasons change, and life marches on. And if we are fortunate, we work. We put away a few bucks for college, we sock away a few more in our 401(k)s and FSAs, and we do rough calculations on how long our work shoes can last if we just polish them good a couple more times.

Still: if we are fortunate, we work. And work takes such a chunk of our time -- roughly a quarter of it, but that is to say nothing of checking email at home and the quiet time spent on a Sunday afternoon plotting the next week's moves.

So as 2016 ticks down, it's a good time to think about your work. Not the work itself, per se, but your working experience. It's such a big part of your life.

The Plexus Groupe takes pains to make its workplace one that its associates enjoy. And it's working. In 2016, we earned Best Places to Work in insurance honors for a seventh consecutive year.

Here are some of the perks Plexus associates enjoy:

-- Complementary healthy drinks and snacks.

-- Free bagels on the first Wednesday of the month.

-- A walking workstation, where employees can burn calories while checking emails.

-- Numerous corporate social, philanthropic and wellness events, including a company picnic and holiday party.

-- Friday jeans days.

Beyond all this, Plexus is the sort of place where colleagues band together to throw a surprise wedding or baby shower, where collections are taken for important causes.

In short, it's a place where we look out for one another.

If you're an insurance professional, you know the deal. There is always plenty of work to do. Open enrollment season is high-paced, and our property & casualty and financial services teams are consistently grinding away to mitigate risk for our valued client partners.

But here's the thing: we love what we do.

We're fortunate at Plexus. We work. And at Plexus, we work for a growing company. We're over 100 employees strong, and we have four offices now: our Deer Park, Ill. headquarters in Chicago's northwest suburbs, Chicago (Loop), Dallas, Oklahoma City.

And there's more good news. We're hiring, with new positions open in Deer Park and Dallas. So check out our list of openings, and read up on our culture. Look at our Facebook page. We know you'll research us.

So give us a good look, and ponder your work. Here's to hoping it's everything you want it to be. You deserve it.