Q&A with Plexus President Brian Griffin

Recently, Plexus President and Chief Operating Officer Brian Griffin took part in a Q&A with the Daily Herald Business Ledger. The interview touched upon a number of topics, including Plexus's strategy for meeting the company's "aggressive organic growth goals." Griffin was also asked what advice he would give a first-time president.

"It's still about your people," Griffin told the Business Ledger. "Make sure you keep your talent. And if you can't, make sure you find comparable talent as fast as possible."

The interview also delved into some lighter topics, including which historical figures Griffin would have followed on Twitter if Twitter existed years ... or centuries ... ago.

To read the entire Q&A, click here. Our thanks to the Herald for their time and for reaching out. For more information on the Business Ledger, including subscription information, please visit their website.