Wellness is no passing fad at Plexus

Wellness. For some folks, it’s a buzz word, today’s trend. But for The Plexus Groupe, it has long been a way of life.

For more than a decade, we have had a wellness plan for employees. Our plan is robust and customizable, with physical and mental health components. Want a wellness program that can help you lose weight and reduce stress? Want one that can help you quit smoking? We have you covered. We also offer an Employee Assistance Program designed to aid our workers in times of need.

Now, let’s talk about something we don’t offer: soda in the employee kitchen.

Yes, the sugary pop and the diet pop alike are gone from Plexus. Instead, we offer healthier alternatives, such as sparkling and flavored waters. We find these go well with the morning fruits and afternoon vegetables we provide every work day for employees. (Pro tip: the trail mix we put out early each morning goes quick – don’t be late.)

And have we told you about our walking workstation?

Ever wanted to check email or get a few things done while getting in a quick workout? Well, you can do just that at The Plexus Groupe, where a treadmill attached to a computer desk takes up one of our offices. Just sign up, log on and get moving.

Get moving. That’s how we operate at Plexus. Come work with us, and you’ll see what we mean. When the weather turns warm, you’ll see employees walking around our campus at lunch, getting their steps in for the day. And at all times, if you listen closely, you’ll hear the pitter-patter of feet climbing stairs. Though we like elevators, we really like getting in a little extra exercise when we can.

We’re into wellness. We always have been, always will be. It’s not a fad for us.

Come see it for yourself.