When it comes to M&A dealmaking, don't overlook the importance of insurance expertise

News item: According to Bloomberg, global mergers and acquisitions are on pace to reach $1 trillion in 2017. This would mark the fourth consecutive year of 13-digit dealmaking worldwide. Bloomberg also suggests that summer M&A activity could be "surprisingly lively" if big deals lead to a slew of other mergers and acquisitions.

M&A transactions are often quite complex, and it may take numerous experts to help ensure the deal goes smoothly, including experts dedicated to risk management.

The Plexus Groupe possesses ample M&A experience and expertise. Identifying and valuing risk through a due diligence process, and making recommendations for transferring the risk via an insurance vehicle, financially or contractually, for the target portfolio company, is a primary value Plexus provides for private equity and venture capital partners. Plexus also can be a major help to private equity and venture capital firms in the post-transaction process. Plexus can ensure all runs smoothly from a risk management standpoint.

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