Forming captives to minimize risk: captivating idea or costly mistake?

Captives are reinsurance mechanisms companies use to exercise greater management of risk. A captive is an insurance vehicle owned by the company’s policyholders. Companies interested in forming a captive must understand they are getting into the insurance business, and that entails using their own money to settle claims. For smart companies, however, captives offer a chance to manage risk effectively, make an underwriting profit and use the captive as an investment vehicle.

While deep-pocketed companies may have the resources to go it alone as a captive, it is a time-, capital- and resource-heavy undertaking. A group captive, where a company is invited to join a group of like-minded companies that adhere to risk management best practices, is another way to get into the captive field.

From a macro perspective, companies seeking to form captives are entering a business where the long view is the right view for success. Captives are not for companies looking to make a quick buck over a short period of time. Captives are designed for the long-term strategy of risk management. They are most effective for companies who want more control over their risk and understand their alternative risk management needs.

Forming a captive may not be for everyone, and consulting an insurance professional is a sound decision before proceeding. A good broker can help lay out the risks and rewards of a captive, including a rundown of the potential capital reserve requirements, which can vary and are in something of a state of flux at the moment. And should a company form a captive, a broker can be an invaluable resource to ensure the business is running smoothly.

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