What is the ROI of your Lake Zurich Employee Wellness Program?

How do we measure return on investment when it comes to the success of a Lake Zurich Wellness program in particular or any in general? Most HR professionals will state that their companies do have some type of program in place, but many of these departments might not have a good understanding of the underlying ROI these programs can offer, and don’t know the real cost savings achieved or the increase in productivity that can result. There is data suggesting an emphasis on wellness can reduce a company’s health spending. According to a 2010 story in the Harvard Business Review, a company with 185 employees that emphasized “cardiac rehabilitation and exercise training” over a six-month span saw its health care costs drop by more than $1,400 per participant over the previous year. As the Review noted, the company saw $6 in savings for every $1 spent on the exercise program.

If wellness programs can lead to better health, will that lead more output from their employees? That’s the belief many employers have. According to the non-profit Health Enhancement Research Organization (via the Society for Human Resource Management), a survey of more than 500 business professionals found that 62 percent of the respondents believed that health was a factor in employee productivity.

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