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Onsite clinics: offsetting health care costs and promoting employee productivity

  The demands of health care benefits are a concern for every employer, and onsite clinics located in areas like Deer Park may be a way to help employers increase productivity while reducing overall health care costs.

Onsite clinics make the most sense for bigger companies with the means, motivation, employee population and the necessary space to devote to the project. One major employer that’s utilized an onsite clinic is MillerCoors, as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel noted last year.

"Interest in onsite clinics is exploding,” James Sheeran, director of corporate benefits for MillerCoors, told the Journal Sentinel.

Why consider an onsite clinic? According to Healthcare Finance magazine, a 2012 survey by Mercer found that 82 percent of companies with clinics wanted to boost productivity, with three-quarters seeking to reduce health care spending.

A small clinic dedicated to preventative care on the job site that could mean fewer sick days, a shorter timeframe for doctor’s appointments, and the spotting of health issues earlier, thus reducing overall health care costs.

While onsite clinics might not be a fit for every company, this much is certain: managing health care spending is essential for firms of all sizes. This means management must be aware of the state of the art in employee benefits. For more information on reducing health care costs at your company, contact a Plexus client service team member by calling 847.307.6100 (Chicago), 972-770-5010 (Dallas/Oklahoma). You can also visit us at