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Financial literacy: a cause worth holding near and dear

  Financial literacy. It’s a vital topic, given the need to save for retirement.

And there’s plenty of data to suggest that Americans could stand to get much better when it comes to understanding finances. To cite one recent example, a 2015 survey from McGraw Hill Financial showed that U.S. millennials aged 15-34 ranked just 21st worldwide in financial literacy, per the Wall Street Journal. Overall, Americans were 14th in the survey.

With greater financial literacy comes an increased realization of the need to save for retirement.

As Plexus Financial Services practice leader Allison Winge noted earlier this year, many Americans need to step up their savings – and fast.

“Overall, it could be an epidemic, quite frankly, for Americans to not have sufficient savings,” Winge said. “If you look at the average retirement savings, it’s gone up, so as an industry, we’re moving the needle a little bit, but not enough. Average savings, I think I saw a recent stat that it was around $90,000 — still clearly not enough for people to retire on. And with the number of baby boomers retiring, it could be very scary.

“I think we need a complete overhaul in our system, starting with not only what we’re doing from an employee benefit standpoint, but starting, very young, (with) financial literacy in schools. So PFS has actually gone through the National Financial Educators Council to be certified to teach financial literacy courses on budgeting, on teaching money concepts to kids, and hopefully we can make a difference that way.

Plexus Financial Services shares the vision of the National Financial Educators Council, an independent educational body that strives to “create a world where people are informed to make qualified financial decisions that improve their lives.” With the certification, PFS personnel will have the opportunity to teach grade-school children about basic financial topics. The hope? A new generation enters adult with a strong financial educational foundation – and the financial literacy they need to succeed.

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